Work Wears

Work Wears

It's a big deal for your work clothes. Workers in risky jobs take on a big role to protect themselves from job accidents. For this reason, accidents that may occur during the selection of work clothes need to be analyzed in a good way and these analyzes should be decided on clothes. Thus, the safety of workers is ensured and the benefits arising from work accidents are avoided. In the recent period, great precautions and decisions have been taken in terms of job security. Most workplaces have job security experts and work apprentices. The basis of such clothes is provided by the employer and the wearer has to wear it.

Work clothes are quite different in kind. After the analysis of the work is done, the clothes to be worn should be selected.

Also, there is no such thing as not being able to find the size you are looking for. You can easily get access to every kind of clothing and you can start to use your desired uniform / garment. Unwanted negativities can be encountered in case of not providing and using clothes which have great pre-requisites in terms of worker health. You need to be very careful about this situation as there are work clothes in the first of the measures to be taken in the name of work accidents. You will see after the attention that the injuries and loss of lives after the work accident will be reduced to the minimum and will not happen in time.

  • Business Dress and Technical Textile

The use of correct fabrics and accessories is crucial for both the safety and comfort of employees, as business suits and staff suits are used in work environments and business processes. The use of the right materials in technical textures also requires both sectoral experience and institutional responsibility.

  • Fabric Technology

Instead of standard products used in the market, we invest in product development and design to produce performance enhancing products that will meet the needs of institutions and employees and make functional, technological and users feel better. We are a company that blends functionality and fabric in the uniforms.

  • CoolDry Quick Drying, Breathable Fabric

Kaan Saatman Uniforms produces yarns and fabrics for the most important companies in the world. Fashion fabrics were enriched with Coolmax technology in Turkey, breathing, assign moisture out, stain, proudly presents the natural and comfortable cooldry product. Work clothes made with CoolDry fabrics with fast drying and breathing properties ensure the comfort of your employees while also affecting their business performances positively.

  • Flame Retardant Fabric

Working clothes manufactured with fabrics with late flame and / or flame retardancy that meet the relevant standards in working environments with high heat and temperature or high fire risk will ensure the safety of your employees.

  • Anti-static Fabric

Anti-static fabrics are a kind of fabric which is used frequently in work clothes and which can breathe and does not wear particles. They are used in work clothes designed for workers working in medical and pharmaceutical production, electrical and electronics industries, defense, fuel and gas transmission sectors in electrostatic powder painting processing dyes.